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Our Pigs are pasture raised (&waste reducers!)

Pasture Raised

Pasture-raised pigs offer a sustainable approach to pork production, prioritizing animal welfare, the environment, and high-quality meat. These pigs enjoy the freedom to roam and forage outdoors, which promotes their well-being and enhances the flavor of their meat. By choosing pasture-raised pork, you support ethical practices and a regenerative food system. Join us to discover the benefits of pasture-raised pigs and indulge in a culinary experience like no other.

Reducing Waste

Harnessing the power of sustainability, we at Jodev Farms have pioneered a unique approach to nourishing our pasture-raised pigs: utilizing vegetable waste. 

In our commitment to minimizing food waste and maximizing resource efficiency, we have partnered with local restaurants, markets, and food processors to collect their excess vegetable scraps and surplus produce. By diverting this organic matter from landfills, we transform it into nutrient-rich feed for our pigs.

Not only does this practice contribute to a circular economy, but it also enhances the health and vitality of our animals, resulting in superior-quality pork. 

Through this innovative process, we ensure that every part of the food system is utilized responsibly, creating a sustainable and delicious connection between vegetable waste and the exceptional pasture-raised pigs we proudly raise.

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