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What do you sell in your farmstall?

We sell our pasture-raised Beef, Pork and when available, our chickens. We have seasonal organic vegetables along with all the delicious and unique Homemade sauces made by us. Of course, there’s our own biltong and droewors too! Not to be missed are our legendary Homemade Pies! We also stock a wide variety of local products such as cheeses, cleaning products and crafts. And plenty of scrumptious snacks and many other things that one might not usually find in your average supermarket.

Is your beef organic?

We are not ‘certified’ organic, but we follow organic practices in the way we raise our cattle. We believe in being transparent with our customers, and that knowing your farmer and their farming practices is more meaningful than a label on a product. For more info about our Beef, visit our Beef page here.

Are all your vegetables organic?

All our Vegetables are 100% organic! We invite you to visit our Farm Stall and pick your own vegetables in our garden to get a taste of the freshest vegetables one is able to purchase. For more information, visit our Vegetable page here. 

Do you only sell your meat and vegetables to the retail market?

No! We offer our products to the public as well as restaurants and other businesses. If you’d like to find out more about our wholesale options, feel free to contact us!

What does grass-finished mean?

Labels and terms can be confusing, such as “natural”, “pastured”, “grass-fed” and “grass-finished”. When we say “grass-finished”, we mean that our cattle spend their entire lives on pasture, and are never fed a grain ration, even during the finishing process. Some producers feed grain during this time period to encourage marbling in beef and expedite finishing. We use a system of rotational grazing and great grasses to get great marbling in our beef, without feeding grain. It takes longer to finish cattle strictly on grass, but we believe that great grass-finished flavor and proper marbling are worth waiting for!

Do you treat your cattle with antibiotics?

We do not treat our cattle with sub-therapeutic levels of antibiotics that some cattle are given to maintain their health. Occasionally we will have an animal that needs a dose of antibiotics to save their life. This is a very different situation than feeding cattle a daily dose of antibiotics in their feed. We would never withhold lifesaving medication from one of our animals, but if a cow is treated, they are removed from our beef program. That being said, when used according to label directions, and when correct withdrawal periods are followed, there should be no residual antibiotics present in beef from an animal that was treated with a therapeutic dose of antibiotics.

Are your cattle given growth hormones?

We never give our cattle growth hormones or steroids.

Is all your beef raised on your farm? Or do you sell beef from other farmers?

All beef that we sell has been raised from birth to finish, by our family, on our farm.




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